Why to update your iPhone, Is update necessary?

Why to update your iPhone,, Apple Inc. always releases a new software update every month. How to software update your iPhone, iPad? It is always good to software update your iPhone iPad, Apple Inc. releases software update after fixing bugs and security issues identified in previous update, you must update your device to protect your data from cyber criminals stealing your important/confidential data.

How to know a new software update is available?

Updates are released together for all devices, you can check if there is software update available or not from Settings > General > Software Update, if there is any update available  it will ask to download update, if it is already downloaded you will just need to install it, all you need is just an active internet connection. Usually, you’ll see a notification on top-right corner of your settings icon in your springboard.

Why to update your iPhone

Can i download the software update file?

Yes, you can manually download a .ipsw file by connecting your iPhone iPad in you computer through iTunes by clicking download software update button (only if any update is available).

Should i update through iTunes or over Wi-Fi?

There is no rule to update through iTunes or over wi-fi, it depends upon your decision to choose which platform you select for updating your device. There is no difference in updating through iTunes or over Wi-Fi network, it totally is your decision.

Will software update damage my device?

Updates are made for better user experiences, so there will be no damage after software update. It is always safe to update your device, make sure it is not Jail-broken before applying update.

Can i downgrade my software version?

Downgrading iOs is impossible, Apple server signs blobs for current release only i.e Apple server only allows the current release software to be installed in your device. So, you cannot install old firmwares which are not signed by apple server after new update is released. Downgrading will soft-brick your device, you must install the latest software update to get your device back working.

Why do i get iTunes error messages while updating my device?

Errors in iTunes are classified in numbers, error differentiate according to the code number you see in the error like: (-10), (1500), (1905), (3194) etc. These numbers are seen along with the error message, according to the numbers your error can be diagnosed. These errors can tell you whether your device has any hardware error or not.

apple software update error

That’s all, now you know about software update in Apple devices. It is always good to update your software, if you are having any difficulties updating your device’s software feel free to contact me via email or put your words in the comments below i will reply possible cause and solutions for you.

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