Whiskey Health Benefits, Whiskey good for health?

Whiskey Health Benefits, Living Healthy while drinking whiskey, is possible or not? Here we will show you top 7 reasons why whiskey is good for health, these reasons are scientifically proven and are universally true. Relationship between whiskey and health is shown you below, after reading these benefits, you may want to have few sips of whiskey a day.

Whiskey Health Benefits

1. Anti-Diabetics

Whiskey has no carbohydrate (carb), so you should not worry about the effect of whiskey in you blood sugar level. If you have diabetes it is safe to take a few sip of whiskey. Since, whiskey has no carb it is also termed as zero-carb alcohol.

2. Healthy brain / Memory Boost

Whiskey has been scientifically proven to reduce risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia (proven is a study in 2003), with the antioxidants in whiskey your brain will be healthy and eventually will improve your brain’s health, the circulation-boosting effect of whiskey will boost your memory so you can remember more. Whiskey will keep your brain active and young. So, if you think you are old and brain has been performing slower, it is time to start drinking whiskey.

whiskey health benefits

3. Removes Stress

Stress is a cognitive factor which brings unwanted health problems in our body. Whiskey helps to reduce stress and anxiety, by calming your nerves which makes our body relaxed. Whiskey circulates blood all over your body and provides fresh, oxygenated blood to your organs. Few servings of whiskey will remove stress.

4. Anti-Cancer

Whiskey contains antioxidants in huge amount (ellagic acid). Antioxidant stops your DNA from coming in contact with cancer-causing compounds, reducing the risk of carcinogens forming. It can also protect your body from chemotherapy (fast growing/multiplying cells in cancer formation), and will reduce oxidation in your body.

5. Improve heart health/low risk of heart attack (stroke)

Like wine and dark beer, whiskey can make your heart healthier. The antioxidants in whiskey reduces the risk of blood clots and stops cholesterol from clogging your arteries. Whiskey clears all cholesterol from blood vessels and prevents them to build up in your arteries, it will relax the walls of arteries and ensures blood flow without obstruction which lowers the risk of heart-attack/stroke and ensures a healthy heart.

6. No weight gain

Whiskey does not add up weight, it is a low-calorie alcohol so you should not fear about adding up few extra weight by taking sips of whiskey. But any other extra fatty food taken along with whiskey can add up weight, so be sure you drink whiskey with water or ice not with foods that contains fat and have high calorie in them.

7. Helps in digestion

Taking whiskey after a heavy meal is proven to be good, as whiskey helps your body to be relaxed and stops your appetite, preventing you from heating. It helps you digest food especially heavy meals and prevents stomach pain and indigestion after heavy meal, so be sure you grab a glass of whiskey after a party.

With all healthy benefits whiskey is good for you so far, but always remember that alcohol drinking if not controlled will result in addiction. So, drink responsibly just to stay healthy not to create habit.

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