Tihar tika time 2073 2016

Tihar tika time 2073 2016 is here, tika time is calculated by Panchanga Nirnayak Samiti, Nepal. Calculation is done according to positions of planets and stars, with thier movements in space time is considered as auspicious (shuva/ uttam). Thiar is one of main festival in Nepal, we have been celebrating thiar from point of time we don’t even remember. Our ancestors celebrated this festival with joy and happiness once every year.

Tihar Tika Time 2073 (2016) Bhai Tika

From stories by our ancestors and holy books, we have story of Yamaraj and his sister Yamuna as main reason for celebrating thiar. According to the story, Yamaraj the king of hell was in verse of death while his sister Yamuna begged the devil not to kill his brother till 3 days tihar is over and until all his wearing flower mala aren’t dried. So, the story is like, sister’s love saving her brother from death so this festival is also termed as bhai tika in Nepal. Tihar tika time (Bhai tika), is 11:35 AM (Nepal Standard Time) 27 Kartik 2073 (Nov 14, 2016).

Thiar tika time 2073

Tihar starts from 24 kartik (12 Nov), lasts till 27 Kartik (14 Nov). Tika Time is approved by Panchanga Nirnayak Samiti Nepal the official body approved by government for Calender preparation in Nepal. This samiti has also declared auspicious (Shuva / Uttam) time for Laxmi Puja in 26 Kartik 2073 (Nov 12, 2016) as 7:25 PM NST (Nepal Standard Time). Happy Tihar 2072, stay safe, love your juniors respect your seniors and love your sisters & brothers.