New loadshedding schedule Nepal, Download Here!!

New loadshedding schedule by Nepal electricity authority NEA, new power cut routine provided by the NEA. Download schedule from here, updated and new directly from Nepal Electricity Authority. This  power cut schedule is updated regularly as new schedule is rolled out. As load-shedding schedule has been kind of basic need for us, we must be aware about the change in this schedule to maintain our own time-table, it is found almost every where, from your cell phone to the newspaper, here we are providing you in a digital way. Download and stay updated with the new loadshedding schedule by or even you can download and print it out and stick it on you walls, Freezer, closet mirror, anywhere you want.

New Loadshedding schedule by Nepal electricity authority NEA is what controls our daily activities, it seems like NEA is controlling your day to day activities. Even being ranked as world’s second largest water resource country in the world we have to depend upon a schedule for electricity uses, and we hope we will soon won’t need a loadshedding schedule. PDF file is available for download, download will be officially form NEA download link, Download this PDF file from the link below.

Here you can download the PDF file for Loadshedding schedule.


Download New Loadshedding Schedule as on 2072-12-16 (March 29, 2016)

Download NEW Loadshedding schedule as on 2072-12-16 (March 29, 2016)

The reason behind Loadshedding schedule being a trend in Nepal is that, we have been so much convinced that our hydro electricity plants cannot generate much electricity that our country needs. So as a result we adopt the schedule and plan our work time, play time, food time, TV time according to this schedule. So, as this schedule controls our life indirectly we are so much like addicted to these schedules. When a new schedule is out by NEA, we don’t ask the authorities why this has changed or increased we instead follow the new plan and adopt into the new schedule. This is Nepali Trend of New Loadshedding Schedule.

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