EDV result 2019 is published and you can check by entering your Registration number and Date of birth. This result is for those applicants who filled the form which was open in 2017. If you are one of the applicants then its time to check your result from May 18 2018 onward till September of 2019. This year can be the lucky one, you might win lottery and get opportunity to settle in your dream land United States of America.

EV lottery result 2019 will be another opportunity for people around the globe, to win a life changing opportunity. Many countries around the world known as developing country are eligible for this lottery application. Last year many people had submitted their application online, among them few will be selected.

edv RESULT 2019

How To Check EDV RESULT 2019 ?

You must be curious about how to check EDV result 2019. Well that is not a big deal, you can check your result directly from official website www.dvlottery.state.gov/ESC/ or from below. Result can be checked from here through the web portal below, where you can enter your confirmation code and date of birth. Web portal is directly embedded from official website of lottery.

Here are the steps to check your result:

  • Click on Continue button, Another Page will be loaded
  • Fill the first box with your confirmation number (Exmaple: 20190DZWY3DOV9)
  • Fill the second box with your family name
  • Fill the third box with your Year of birth
  • Fill the last box with the code
  • Click submit button

After you click on submit button, your result will be shown shortly. If you see you have been selected, you won the lottery. But if it says you have not been selected then you’ll have to try next year. It is pretty simple to check your EDV 2019 result, just follow the above mentioned steps.

If you have filled your Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery application from any cyber or E-spot, you don’t need to worry about checking your result. They will check your result and call you if you have been selected as they make their living doing that. Now you have learned how to check EDV result 2019, like us on Facebook so that you’ll never miss form us.

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