Download New Constitution Of Nepal 2072 Online

Download New Constitution Of Nepal 2072 online from here, you can download and read full constitution here. New Constitution issued on 3rd Ashoj 2072 (20 September 2015), titles as “नेपालको संविधान”. This is the official and final copy published by sambidhan sabha sachibalaya, PDF file of 2.30 MB. You can download and read this file, all written in Nepali.

Constitution of Nepal 2072

Constitution Of Nepal 2072

After 2 successful elections for house of parliament, finally Nepal gets its first Federal Republic Constitution. With 2/3 support among 601 house members, constitution was prepared. President Dr.Ram Baran Yadhav approved this constitution, with the release of this most awaited constitution, people celebrate with dipawali to show support and welcome the new constitution even Embassy of Nepal in different countries has encouraged Nepalese to celebrate this historic event. Download your copy from HERE

constitution of Nepal 2072
Celebration After Release of New Constitution of Nepal in Baneshwor, Kathmandu.

Constitution Of Nepal 2072

Even though our new constitution is passed and released, there are dissatisfied people who are against the constitution, especially Tarai region is in strike and protesting against it. Hope Nepal will grow prosperous and develop more with this Constitution of Nepal 2072.

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