Remove iPhone Passcode Without Restore

Did you forget your iPhone passcode ? don’t worry here we have solution to remove iPhone passcode without restore which saves you form losing your important data which were not backed up. If you restore your iPhone via iTunes after your iPhone is disabled you will lose all your data. To save your valuable data in your iPhone you’ll either need to remember the passcode or remove it with tools like Gecko iPhone tool kit (software), IP Box  (Hardware device), Miracle Box (Hardware device) or other iPhone brute force attacking devices.

Software to Remove iPhone Passcode without restore woks for devices up to iPhone 4. This is done by using the SHH tool exploiting the bootrom with limera1n. As limera1n exploit works up to A4 devices this software will work with any iPhone having processor A4 or lower. This software is named as Gecko iPhone tool kit, you can download this software to read the codes from your iPhone, this tool can even bypass ‘iPhone Disabled’ screen so that you get chance to input code after obtaining the codes. This tool uses brute force scripts to get the code from your phone. This tool supports iPhone 3G, 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad 1, iPod touch 3G and iPod touch 4G. Here is a screen shot of this tool.

remove iphone passcode

Beside software, there are few tools available in market that can perform brute force attack and calculate code. This tools are used by mobile repair shops, they leave phone attached with a wire and cable for hours to remove passcode from iPhone. These tools costs from $100 to $200 USD depending from where you buy, these tools are cheap if purchased in China.

IP box Remove iPhone Passcode


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