Payoneer Bank Account Unlinked in Paypal

Payoneer Bank account unlinked from PayPal after verifying your PayPal account; you received email from PayPal ‘important information about your bank account’. This has been headache for non-US residents using PayPal with US address and using Payoneer US payment Service as Bank Account to get verified.

Being Verified in US PayPal means you have verified that you are a genuine US resident after which you are able to receive and send payments through PayPal, even though you are a non-US resident. Without being verified you cannot accept payments from other PayPal users.

Recently PayPal has been unlinking bank accounts connected with Payoneer’s US Payment Service (USPS) used to verify PayPal accounts with US address. This will explain why and how your Payoneer Bank Account gets unlinked, when PayPal deposits 2 small amounts of funds for the verification purpose we verify our bank account by filling the amounts deposited. After successful verification of bank account, PayPal tries to withdraw the amounts that were deposited earlier for verification purpose but gets denied by the Bank. Why PayPal gets denied to withdraw the deposits? The answer is, Payoneer US payment service’s bank account has your local billing address with different Country stated on it, but PayPal uses the address that you have used while creating your PayPal account, so due to the difference in your Bank Account’s Billing Address and your PayPal Billing address PayPal cannot withdraw the amount from your Bank account as the result your bank account gets unlinked from PayPal as is regarded as invalid bank account in PayPal database. Once you bank account gets in the list of invalid bank account you cannot use it with any other PayPal account or even with your own.

Bank accounts get unlinked not only while withdrawing the deposits, but also when you have negative balance in you PayPal account from a dispute. If you don’t deal with the dispute ASAP PayPal will try to withdraw funds from you Bank Account which will result in Billing address Mismatch and your bank account will be listed as invalid bank account and you cannot add it back as a result your PayPal will be unverified. So, deal with disputes fast to save your verified PayPal account if you are using Payoneer’s US Payment Service as Bank account in your US PayPal.

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