NTC ADSL setting for TP Link router

NTC ADSL setting configuration, for all routers including TP link router. This is universal configuration for all Routers. You can learn  ntc adsl setting for TP Link router and configure your Router manually. The following steps will help you to set your settings correctly. This will work for any TP-Link Routers. This article is about ntc adsl setting for TP Link router.

ADSL Router is a CPE (ADSL 2+ modem), this requires manual setting. NTC internet department does not helps anyone to configure their router Router settings. So, we have to do it our self or depend on others and pay them for something we can do our self. Now, let’s move to the real part of Router setting.

NTC ADSL setting for TP Link router

Almost all Router modems have same Gateway, if your modem is not form TP-Link it may have a different Gateway. Gateway is a access address to your router, usually the gate way for almost all routers is, to make sure what your Gateway address is you will have to check from your active connection in Command Prompt. Here is how you do it from beginning to the end.

All Routers can be configured, only after connected with a computer, so computer must be connected to the router via Ethernet or via Wi-Fi. But it is recommended to use a Ethernet cable during the setting of a new modem/router.

NTC ADSL setting for TP Link routers

  • Go to RUN ( windows button + R )
    • Type ‘cmd’ and press enter (Without quotes)
    • Command Prompt (MS-DOS) will appear
    • In MS-Dos type ‘ipconfig’ and press enter (Without quotes)
    • You will see a list of connections, search for the active connection, the one with numbers
    • Once you find active connection look for ‘Default Gateway’ it usually is like
    • Once you have found out your Default Gateway now let’s move to next steps
  • Open a Web browser
    • You can open any web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera etc.
    • Type your Default Gateway in the URL area and press enter
    • Your router will ask for access username and password, Default password for NTC ADSL Routers are Username: admin, Password: admin. If this user name is not accepted by your router, you have to hard reset your router and look the default username and password in your user manual or Reocover admin password using rom-0 file
    • Now once you get access the router, we will start the NTC ADSL setting configuration
  • Router Setting configuration
    • Click the quick start button
    • Click Run Wizard (A new window will open)
    • Click Next (In the setup wizard)
    • Set Time zone ( If Nepal not found you can choose any time zone near to Nepal)
    • Select the option PPPoE/PPPoA
    • Fill The form:
      • Username: adslXXXXXXX (adsl followed by your land linenumber without 0)
      • Password: adslXXXXXXX (same as your username)
      • VPI: 8
      • VCI: 81
      • Connection Type: PPoE LLC
    • Click next, you will see Wireless settings if the Router supports Wi-Fi, you can manually setup your wireless security.
      • Access pot: Activated
      • SSID: (your desired Wi-Fi name)
      • Broadcast SSID: Yes
      • Authentication Type : Choose WPA2-PSK for Maximum security
      • Encryption Type: TKIP/AES
      • Pre-Shared Key: (your Wi-Fi Password)
      • (Note: these fields my differ with different router)
    • Click next and wait, it will show setup completed changes saved
    • Click Close and the wizard will exit
    • You may need to reboot your router if you don’t get internet access

That’s it now you have manually configured your router, you have learned ntc adsl setting for TP Link router. Now you can setup your friends’ Routers too. have fun, share, like and enjoy. Like us on Facebook as well.

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