Ncell Internet Setting for Android, 3G GPRS Setting

Ncell Internet Setting is here, you can get working setup here for your android phone. Ncell has been providing 3G internet service for its subscribers, to use internet on your mobile phone you must have APN configured in your handset. Ncell provides easy way for installing internet configuration settings by SMS method: Type ALL send to 9595 you will receive automatic Internet setting for your handset automatically OR dial 9005 choose language then press 7.

Ncell Internet Setting

ncell internet setting
ncell internet setting

To set-up your settings for 3G internet service by Ncell in your android device follow these steps.

  • Go to settings
  • Go to More Networks
  • Tap on Mobile Networks
  • Tap on Access Point Name (APN)
  • Add new Access Point
    • Name: Ncell
    • APN: ncell
  • Save the setting
  • Activate the setting
  • Turn on Data connection

That’s it only add New APN and write ncell in first two field, leave all the other fields as they are and save it your data connection will work. This is the easiest internet setting for Ncell, this is tested and 100% working setup in android handsets. If you fail to get data connection after creating a new ANP please contact customer service at 9005 and ask for setting according for your phone model they will assist you accordingly.

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