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lok sewa aayog result 2073 Applicants who gave their lok sewa aayog exam in 2072, here is the result here. The exam was conducted 2072 and 2073, vacancy opened were: Na Su (Nayab Subba), Khardar, Officer Level (Adhikrit). Vacant seats were only 10,000 including all categories across nation. Total candidates were about 60,000 while 40,000 only appeared on exams. Result will be published in Gorkhapatra (daily news paper). Here we are also providing you lok sewa aayog result 2073 online. All result will be taken form gorkhapatra daily, you can even see the gorkhaparta if you have access to it faster than us.

Lok sewa aayog (Public Service Commission) of Nepal announces vacancies annually as the older employees get retired from their post. People are attracted to PSC Nepal because of its job status in community & future securities like provident funds, pensions etc. There is high competition to get a government job in Nepal, people are attracted as there is no job guarantee in private sector due to unstable economic and political condition of Nepal. Annually, about 2000-3000 seats are opened by PSC Nepal, flow of applicants are 20000-60000 on which appearing applicants are about 25000. Many candidates are rejected in the tests like written in GK, constitutional knowledge test, those who passed the written test are shortlisted and called for interview. This process is very long and takes almost a year to appoint a new employee for government. PSC Nepal has been doing its best to prevent any cheating and bribery during the selection of a Public Servant.

Top 10 candidates in Lok sewa aayog result 2073

Lok sewa aayog RESULT 2072


The first 10 of every district passing the Lok sewa aayog exam will be here as soon as result is out. Please keep patience to see you name below. All our names will be taken from Gorkhapatra daily and www psc gov np. Are you waiting for Lok sewa aayog result 2073? leave us your name and symbol number in the comment box below, you will be notified by email when result is published.

Download PDF file according to your Advertisement Number from below, Last one is the latest one.

Lok sewa aayog result of Advertisement Number: 17017/072/73 (Economics & statistics) Anamnagar

Advertisement Number: 17018/072/73 (Female) Kamalpokhari

Advertisement Number: 11693/071/72 (Female) Kamalpokhari

Advertisement Number: 13602-13603/071/72 (ALL) Butwal

Advertisement Number: 19556/071/72 (Open) Kamalpokhari

Lok Sewa Aayog Result Advertisement Number: 16501/072/73  Anamnagar

Advertisement Number: 16502/072/73 (Female) Anamnagar

Advertisement Number: 16503/072/73 Anamnagar

Advertisement Number: 16504/072/73 (Open) Anamnagar

Advertisement Number: 16505/072/73 (Foreign and ALL) Anamnagar

Advertisement Number: 15502-15507/072/73 (ALL) Dipayal 

Advertisement Number: 16506/072/73 (Foreign and ALL) Anamnagar

Advertisement Number: 16507/072/73 (Administration Service ALL) Anamnagar

Lok Sewa Aayog Result Advertisement Number: 14202-14207/072/73 (Na.Su) Surketh

Advertisement Number: 12902-12908/072/73 (Na.Su) Pokhara

Advertisement Number: 10003-10008/072/73 (Na.Su) Dhankuta

Advertisement Number: 16508-16511/072/73 (Administrative ALL) Anamnagar

Lok Sewa Aayog Result Advertisement Number: 16512/072/73 (Accountancy and similar) Anamnagar

Advertisement Number: 11302-11308/072/73 (All Na.Su Level) Kamalpokhari

Advertisement Number: 17033/072/73 (Engi, Geology) Anamnagar

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