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iTools 2016 English is a powerful software used to transfer data (Music, Videos, ebooks, Pics,etc) from PC to iPhone, iPad and iPod without losing any data from the device. Usually people erase iPhone data while syncing via iTunes in a non-personal PC, so to overcome this problem few Chinese developers have developed this multi purpose tool for Apple devices.

With use of iTools one can sync data in any iDevices without any risk of losing present data in iDevice while syncing. This Freeware is really easy to use and the most important part is that the developers are very dedicated in their work that they update this software as soon as new iTunes is released.

Latest iTools 2016 English Language

itools 2016

this tool depends upon the plugins and dll files of iTunes, so that iTools is useless without installation of iTunes in you PC. As there is a new Firmware, there is a new iTunes and signatures and dll files are changes and upgraded so to work with the latest iOs firmware (software) with iTools you must update your iTunes and iTools as well.

iTunes can be Downloaded from here, and iTools 2015 from here. Download from herefor Mac, This file will be updated as soon as a new version of this software is launched. Please note that you must install latest iTunes to make this tool work Smooth on your computer.


Supports iOs 9.X.X, User friendly GUI, English Language only, drag and drop IPA installation, one click ringtone creation, easy import/export of files, easy file browsing and many more.

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