IELTS test Date in Nepal 2015 2016

IELTS test Date in Nepal 2015 and 2016 you can check any available date for your exam, till May 2016 all dates are booked. you can search for upcoming dates, as all dates are booked so there is no date for May 2016, so you need to book date for June 2016. In-order to book date you’ll have to check available dates in the official website of British council, if you find a date open and book it you’ll have to pay with in 14 days else it will be re-opened and someone else will book your seat.

The official site of British council is From this site you can check the available future dates for test, you should first choose country and click continue to see the dates. As you will select Nepal as country, you can see the available dates according to your city.IELTS test date

The 6 steps for conforming your IELTS Test Date

  1. Select Country
    • You have to select you country and continue.
  2. Find Test Date
    • You will be shown available test dates according to the country and city you choose.
  3. Check Availability
    • You will be shown any available seats for the exam so than you can book your seat.
  4. Terms & Conditions
    • You will be shown terms and conditions about your exam and your payment time  frame will be explained here, you will have to read it all and agree to continue.
  5. Candidate Details
    • Fill up all your personal details with genuine information.
  6. Summary
    • A page will appear with you name and details, it will prompt you to print the page as it will be a conformation of your booking, if you don’t deposit fee in the bank with in 14 days form booking your seat will be cancelled and vacant for others.

By following above 6 steps you can find and book yourself IELTS test date. Just to check date you need to perform 3 steps only. Like us on Facebook to get updated on IELTS test Date.

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