EDV result 2018, DV lottery 2018 result Nepal

EDV Result 2018 (Electronic Diversity Visa) is here, DV Lottery is a popular medium for Nepalese people to immigrate to the USA (United States of America). EDV result 2018 is the most awaited result for those who filled their forms in 2016, from the beginning till today Diversity Visa Lottery coordinated by Department of State (USA) has been conducting EDV lottery.

EDV lottery was started by USA in order to bring immigrants in USA to increase the number of immigrants from countries with historically low rate of immigration to USA. Nepal is also selected for EDV lottery program by United States until Nepali immigrants reach 50,000 in the US, once the US government records the number of immigrants from Nepal 50,000 EDV for Nepal will be stopped.

How to check your EDV Result 2018

According to dvlottery state, result of 2018 will be published on its website from May 5, 2016 – September 30, 2016. You will need your confirmation number and your other personal details used while registering application, to see if you have been qualified or not. To check EDV 2018 result you can visit www.dvlottery.state.gov/ESC/ on May 5, 2016

Same as last year, the official site dvlottery. state. gov will be publishing result for 2016. Those who will be selected in final round will leave Nepal in 2018. To get to the final selection there are many procedures to follow up, final phase is an interview in American Embassy, Kathmandu.

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Facts about EDV result 2018

Here are few facts about DV result 2018, you must know about these things:

  • Result to be published from May 5, 2018 to September 30, 2018
  • This is result of applicants who filled EDV in 2017
  • Published on : EDV Result with winner name list / EDV Result checking site
  • About 3,500 Nepali citizens will be approved among all applicants from 2107
  • New EDV 2019 form will be opened shortly after publishing all selected applicants from 2017

There are many people you see who immigrate to USA by winning EDV lottery, they may be your own family members, your neighbors, but this time it can be you, keep your fingers crossed and pray for the best. Not only you but whole Nepal is waiting for EDV result 2018.


This lottery is a golden chance for Nepali People to settle in USA, it is considered as a free medium to be in US. People in Nepal are willing to pay over Rs. 15,00,000 to enter USA and work illegally. We are really crazy for USA. Hope this DV lottery result will be a golden ticket for you, best of luck. Like us on Facebook for more.

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