Dashain 2073 2016 Date and Tika Time

Dashain 2073 2016 date and tika time for this year is here. Dashain is main festival in Nepal, usually it is 10 days long starting from ghatasthapana (घटस्थापना) till Dashami tika (टिका). There are many rituals performed during these 10 days, on first day Jamara are planted (rice, paddy seeds are planted on sand and kept in shades), from the second day till seventh day goats are slaughtered for meat in every house except ones in sorrow of death of relatives not only meat is main course for dinner, various roti are prepared, people visit various temples, schools and universities remain closed during these days.

Dashain tika

Nepalese consider Dashain as main festival of hindu religion, we have been celebrating dashain from long time, our ancestors argue, people celebrate this festival as a remark for victory of good over bad i.e truth over lies / holy over evil. The history tracks back to story of Ram (prince of Aayodhya) killing Ravan (king of Lanka), it is said that, Ravan was blessed with blessings from Lord Shiva to be partially immortal (he could only be killed by a normal human not by any devil or god). Ram was born in Ayodhya, he is considered as birth of Lord Vhisnu in human body. There was a fierce war between army of Ram and Ravan which started when Ravan abducted Ram’s wife Sita and held her to marry her after killing Ram. Story had a happy ending Ram killed Ravan took Sita back home, people welcomed him home with oil lit lamps and shared happiness with all.

Dashain 2073 2016 date and tika time according to Panchanga Nirnayak Samiti

Dashain 2073 2016 date and tika

According to the Panchanga Nirnayak samiti, Nepal tika time for Dashain in 2073 is 10:55 AM Kartik 5th. This the most auspicious time according the the samiti, this time is selected after studying the movement of planets in solar system and according to the position of stars, In tika day elders give blessings to the younger this has been passing through our generations to generations, we can feel few changes than of before. Nepali astrologers are good on doing their jobs, they give us exact time for tika every year. Happy Dashain! may you & your families be protected and blessed by mata Durga, please note Dashain 2073 2016 date and tika time and share with your friends and family.

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